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2023 Solano Ravens Football & Cheer Rules and Guidelines1. Solano Ravens Football Constitutiona. Our Mission: Is the development of our future where opportunities are generated by hard work, integrity, and performance. No one player can win the game and no one coach controls the culture. Ravens soar as a family, not as a flock. Our goal is to promote the value of participation in youth football as a wholesome environment for the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment, and the spirit of community and teamwork.b. Character Expectations: Coaches and players should always conduct themselves with class and discipline. Always show respect for your coaches, teammates, and opponents on or off the field. Coaches and players will be held at the highest of standards; by fostering sportsmanship, integrity, self-esteem, discipline, and ethical behavior. Academics always come first. All school expectations must be met before stepping into a Solano Ravens uniform.2. Players' Dutiesa. Attend ALL practices. b. Attend ALL home and away games.c. Participate in all activities related to the spirit and support of the Solano Ravens. Including fundraisers.d. Perform community service through different methods of participation.e. Build personal and team growth.f. Always be a team leader.g. Follow ALL league regulations.h. Be sure to always have full gear (pads, mouthpieces, uniforms, etc.)I. Most importantly always have good grades.3. Solano Ravens Membership/Tryoutsa. Tryouts are held in the Summer for the following Fall season. Tryouts will be held in person; starting July 24th, 2023. Tryouts are for ages 5-14.b. All paperwork is required to be turned in on the Monday of the first tryout week. There will be a mandatory parent meeting where you can turn in all documents needed.c. Grades will be checked throughout the year. GPA and attendance/participation will also factor into your ability to play on game day.d. An injured candidate will be expected to perform everything physically possible at tryouts. A medical doctor’s note describing the limitations of the injured candidate will be required.e. The number of players on each team will be determined based on a natural point break. This will be determined on a first come first serve basis.f. Membership of the Solano Ravens is for the entire fall season, including playoffs.g. Attendance at a mandatory parent/player meeting, online registration, and an up-to-datephysical are required before a player is allowed to play.h. All players who do not have a 2.0 or above on their June report card will not be eligible to play in the fall.4. Chain of Commanda. If any problems arise, they must be brought to the Head Coach of your division first. Further issues will then be brought to the president of the Solano Ravens, Justin Allen if necessary.b. All communication should be done through direct messaging on the GROUP Me app, unless it is an urgent matter.c. Contact the coach outside of practice/game time, preferably not immediately before or during an event. Please observe the 24-hour rule.5. Practices/Gamesa. Practices will be held regularly. Unscheduled practices may be called 48 hours (about 2 days) in advance.b. Each player is REQUIRED to bring water to all practices and games.c. Cell phones are to be put away during practice and games.d. All players must arrive at practice and games on time. This can be up to 2hrs. Before game time. This decision will be made by your head coach. So always check your divisions group me for the correct arrival time even if you have multiple players, each coach has different requirements.e. The entire jersey uniform is required for game days; any players that attend a game without their entire uniform may be withheld from playing.f. Proper working attire must be worn to all functions.g. Players must only leave practices/games when released by their Head Coach.h. Only current players, coaches and administrators are allowed on the field. NO EXCEPTIONS.I. No parent/guardian shall interfere with the coaching and teaching conducted by staff during practices or games. It is our duty to ensure the safety and proper knowledge of your child during these times.6. Uniformsa. All players will wear the selected approved uniform provided by the Solano Ravens.b. Any player who is out of uniform may be withheld from playing.c. Each player will assume complete responsibility for all equipment loaned. They are responsible for any damaged or lost uniform pieces. Uniform pieces should not be loaned to non-Ravens Players.d. Uniforms will not be bought, made, or altered in any way without the permission of the CEO. e. Uniform/Gear will not be placed or handed out until tuition is paid in full, NO EXCEPTIONS.7. Transportationa. All players must arrive at practice and games on time. This can be up to 2hrs. Before game time. This decision will be made by your head coach. So always check your divisions group me for the correct arrival time even if you have multiple players, each coach has different      requirements.b.Exceptions need to be discussed with the coach at least 24Hrs. in advancec. All players are expected to be picked back up within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the practice/game if not accompanied by an adult.8. Safetya. Players will not be allowed to wear any jewelry during camp, practices, games, and/or events.Coaches will not be held responsible for lost jewelry items.b. A coach must always be present when players are practicing any skill. No skill/plays that have not been practiced will be performed at a game.c. All players must conduct themselves with discipline on the sidelines. No hitting or horseplaying will be tolerated.d. No tackling without a coach present, this is extremely dangerous, NO EXCEPTIONS.e. Unsafe behavior is unacceptable and foul language will not be tolerated by parents or players. f. Proper clothing must be worn at all times. No pockets, hoods, jeans, fasteners, or zippers allowed.g. Athletic wear/cleats should always be worn.9. Absencesa. Excused absences are as follows: Illness, injury (with a doctor’s note), visit or religious event. b. If you will be absent, you must submit your absence on the GROUP ME app at least 2 hours prior to the start of practice and up to 24Hrs before a game. Do not relay messages via others. c. If a player is absent, it is their responsibility to find out what information was covered and to learn any new material or plays given by coaches.d. An absence may result in being removed and/or moved to a different position.e. Excessive tardiness/leaving early and/or absences may result in being removed from the team.f. Involvement in school activities is encouraged. Should it interfere with our schedule, it must be discussed with the coach.10. Fundraisersa. Fundraisers will be discussed thoroughly prior to the start date. EVERY PLAYER IS REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE NO EXCEPTIONS.b. Each fundraiser will be detailed with the amount each player must raise, sell, or hand in.c. The first fundraiser scheduled is Gourmet Popcorn Store. Kick off will be in September or October 2023.

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