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  • Armijo High School Solano County Ravens Home field

Organization Name

SC Ravens Youth Football Mission Statement and Goals

SC Ravens Youth Football Association was founded in 2020 our model youth program that is committed to providing an opportunity for every youth participant, ages 5-14 to learn the game of football.  
The pillars of our association are Hard Work, Character and Discipline.

 Our Goals:

- To promote the value of participation in youth football as a wholesome environment for the challenge of competition, the joy of  victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment, and the spirit of community and teamwork.

 - Build Character - Coach and play with class at all times.  Show respect for your coaches, teammates and opponents.

 - Coaches and Players will be held to the highest standard of conduct to foster sportsmanship, integrity, self esteem ,discipline, and ethical behavior.

 - Promote Responsibility - Academics come first.  Work needs to be done before football.

 - To prepare each player for high school athletics by teaching the rules, proper contact, safety techniques, and
   fundamentals(blocking, tackling, running etc) of the game.

 - To promote safe play by allowing players to play with children their own ages as with all other youth sports.

solano County Ravens

solano County Ravens

Phone: 4157678586